A surprise visit to your vet can be stressful, not only due to the condition of your loved pet, but also the unexpected cost of having to treat your pet.

Our staff do our best to be upfront about costs and how owners can develop the right care for their pets given treatment options. If you are concerned about costs let us know and we are will discuss treatment and financial options to provide you ease of control for your payments.


VetPay are designed to help owners manage the upfront costs of veterinary treatment. This way you can commence treatment immediately and spread bill payments over time.

We offer both services and can set up a payment plan to spread out payments that will debit your bank account or credit card. If this is of interest ask our staff about these and other payment options.


Having pet insurance can offer peace of mind in covering the costs of veterinary treatment. If you have a current insurance policy, please let our staff know at the time of treatment. If you are interested in a pet insurance policy, we highly recommend that you check the various options for cover directly with the insurer.